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Ask Dr. Pokey: Do Gospel Musicians Need Suspended Chords?

If you’re interested in knowing if gospel musicians need suspended chords, then this lesson is for you. The harmony of gospel music is as vast as that of jazz music and it is already a well known fact that various classes of chords (ranging from major, to minor, to dominant, and diminished chords) are used. […]

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Passing Chords: Altered Chords And Dominant Seventh [b9] Chords

In this lesson we’ll be contrasting between altered chords and dominant seventh [b9] chords. In the next 10 minutes or so, you’ll clearly understand the relationship between both chords and how they resolve to major and minor chord types respectively. Let’s get started by refreshing our minds on altered chords and dominant seventh [b9] chords. […]

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Chord Analysis: The Minor Major Seventh Chord

Our goal in this lesson is to analyze the minor major seventh chord. Although the minor major seventh chord is not commonly used by gospel musicians, you can add it to the list of chords in your arsenal. But beyond the application of the minor major seventh chord, it’s important to understand its quality, stability, […]

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Chord Formation: Can A Musician Create Chords?

In the process of chord formation, can a musician create chords? A vast majority of people reading this blog have come across a musician (if not two or more) who has claimed to create his/her own chords. Although the goal of this post is NOT to make them sound like they’re lying (Lol). However, in […]

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Week 2 – A Lesson On The Inversion Of Major Chords

If you’re interested in learning about the inversion of chords, then you’ll find this lesson very helpful. Major triads are not always played in their fundamental position. Understanding how major chords are inverted will show you other ways a major chord can be played — first inversion, and second inversion. Attention: We’ll talk about the […]

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Week 1 – A Beginner’s Lesson On Major Chords

Major chords have a common place in gospel music and that’s why every gospel musician must learn them. If you’re a beginner or you just got past the babyhood stage of piano learning, then this lesson is for you because we’ll be focusing on major chords from the beginner’s standpoint. So, get ready to explore […]

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Here’s How To Apply Diminished Chords In Cyclical Chord Progressions

You arrived at this page because you’re interested in learning how to apply diminished chords in cyclical chord progressions.

Although diminished chords are not commonly used, they are commonly applied in gospel music harmony to create or add more tension or bluesy feeling.

Let’s take sometime to review diminished chords before we proceed to how they are applied in cyclical chord progressions.

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Who Else Is Interested In Learning Passing Chords To Minor Chords?

There are passing chord types that are designed to precede minor chords in chord progressions and we’ll be learning a few of them like: The dominant seventh [flat ninth] chord The dominant seventh [flat ninth, sharp fifth] chord The dominant seventh [sharp ninth, sharp fifth] chord The dominant seventh [flat ninth, flat fifth] chord Let’s […]

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A Lesson On Essential Passing Chord Types That Resolve To Major Chords

In this lesson, we’ll be learning some passing chord types that are succeeded by major chords in a chord progression. Here you are: The dominant thirteenth [suspended fourth] chord The dominant seventh [flat ninth] chord The dominant thirteenth [flat ninth] chord The dominant thirteenth [add ninth] chord The dominant thirteenth [sharp eleventh] chord Let’s explore […]

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Exposed: Application Of The Major Seventh Chord In Gospel Music Harmony

Today, we will be looking at the application of the major seventh chord in gospel music harmony. A vast majority of musicians have learned and can play the major seventh chord, however, only a few have a clear understanding of the diverse applications of the major seventh chord. So many top players use the major […]

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