GMTC Philosophy

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The Gospel Music Training Center (G.M.T.C.) is built on 4 pillars:



Too many gospel musicians skip the basics and fundamentals in the early stages, prohibiting growth and understanding of how musical elements relate.

This is largely due to the lack of resources available to the community, compared to classical, traditional, and mainstream genres.

Our Foundations Training (F.T.) area introduces and reinforces music theory in a way most applicable to gospel and church musicians. Scales, number system, intervals, chords, extensions, patterns, progressions, and song learning concepts are all explored as it relates to playing gospel music.

Because one-way interaction is not enough, classroom-styled quizzes are required to progress to next lessons in the series to ensure comprehension of all concepts. Over 20 sectional tests and 250 quiz questions are required in order to complete Foundations Training.



Our Weekly Song Lessons (W.S.L.) give students the opportunity to put the Foundations Training to use by exploring real-life song patterns in various major and minor keys.

Every Weekly Song Lesson reinforces concepts and techniques taught in other areas with repetitive use of scales, number system, chord names, progression type, and other common musical language.

Weekly Song Lessons give students the opportunity to learn professional applications of chords and progressions with real-life examples.

Hundreds of hours of archives are available and categorized according to style, key signature, and skill level.



We believe instructor feedback is very important and since inception, we have been committed to bi-weekly “Question & Answer” sessions that allow personal interaction with GMTC leadership.

These sessions allow students to pose questions to instructors that are answered on a live, streaming call and recorded for later use.

Over 100 hours of recorded live sessions are available in the archive and provide a wealth of knowledge as new students tend to pose questions asked by others in the past.

This platform ensures student has access to clarify any confusions, expand on knowledge of a particular subject matter, and get further insight on why a chosen path was taken in a lesson.


Peer Communication

Bringing like-minded, focused musicians together and allowing for personal communication creates a synergy more powerful than all other attributes combined, if utilized correctly.

We provide facilities for communication via chat rooms and instant messaging. Additionally, members express themselves by completing personal profiles and can create buddy lists, which inform them when buddies are online.

Such communication leads to shedding sessions where chords, voicing, ideas, and insights are shared among members. Instructors are also available through these same means of communication.


These 4 elements combine to create a unique experience guaranteed to deliver proven results to the determined musician.