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A Quick & Easy Way To Add West Coast Flavor To Your Playing

Over the years, we’ve brought you many west coast gospel musicians – Jonathan Powell, Jason White, Kevin Nickelson, Mike Bereal, to name a few – and without a doubt, they all share a commonality in their playing.

Don’t get me wrong… they each have their own distinct way of doing things but there is, undoubtedly, this west coast “feel” underlying their playing.

One simple technique that is common out here is to take a chord, pull out the middle note, and simply…

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Ask Jermaine: “How To Play Gospel Piano Scales”

We’re back for another “Ask Jermaine” where I choose a student’s question and give my personal take on it — this week on gospel piano scales.

It comes from Ade: “How many types of gospel piano scales are there and which ones do I really need to know to progress as a gospel player.” My answer…

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